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I photographed the Lumbini Medical College and Hospital located in Western Nepal near Tansen to convey a  sense of the location, hospital, facilities, and staff. Several hundred photographs from this assignment have been uploaded to the password protected client area of this webpage for their use in recruitment, fundraising, website, and other media. Here are a few photographs from inside the hospital.

I believe that helping this medical school and teaching hospital, is to assist in the development of the medical system and bring long-term benefits to families living in Nepal.

The community surrounding the hospital.





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Mountain Hazelnuts Bhutan Mountain Hazelnuts provided me with the opportunity to document their operations in Bhutan. They aim to become the largest hazelnut producer by providing local farmers with raw materials and excellent monitoring and support and compensating them very fairly. I was impressed with their employees' dedication to success and to helping the farmers and their families



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Friends Without a Border 2016 Annual Report

Friends Without a Border (FWAB) just published their 2016 Annual Report. My photos appear on the cover and pages 14, 15, and 20.

Download the report here or from the Friends Without a Border website:

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Alumni Association of Brooks Institute Summer Alumni Newsletter Faculty Profile Bryan Watt

I am honored for the opportunity to have my work highlighted in the faculty profile feature of the Alumni Association of Brooks Institute Summer Newsletter of 2017.

Here are the excerpted pages from the newsletter:

Or here is a link to download the complete newsletter directly from the Alumni Association of Brooks Institute website:

Volume 2 (2017) – Issue 4 (

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President Bill Clinton President Clinton Letter of Commendation

It has been 12 years since President Clinton has honored us by sending a letter commending our efforts helping people in the Lao PDR and for making this world a better place. We hope that our continued efforts continue to merit his commendation and inspire others to contribute to making this world a better place. 

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Christian Alliance for Orphans

Three very happy children in Vientiane, Lao PDR


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BD Pharmaceutical BD Pharmaceutical selects my photo from the Lao PDRBD Pharmaceutical selects my photo from the Lao PDR

A father's hard working hands softly support his baby. This photograph is from a village I visited in Northern Lao PDR. © Bryan Watt

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People of the Haa Valley in Bhutan



Here are a few of the people who live in the beautiful Haa Valley.

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Selected as 1 of 9 Must See Humanitarian Photographers An involved toddler studies his growth chartToddler sitting next to scale examines growth chartAn involved toddler studies his growth chart I am honored to be included in the Raptim Humanitarian Travel list of 9 Must See Humanitarian Photographers


Humanitarian photographers

Humanitarian photographers use their cameras as tools of exploration. A way of showing us what happens at locations we haven’t visited ourselves. Their images are proof that photography matters, especially regarding humanitarian work. Listed below are nine inspiring humanitarian photographers that took us on a journey by providing powerful and emotional humanitarian photographs. Their images are often placed in global media, but you can also simply take a look at their website for a portfolio.

Read more about Raptim here:

Raptim itself is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 1949 in the postwar period in Europe where there was a need for such international initiatives. Today, Raptim has offices around the world. The head office is located in Holland where it all began.

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A Few Favorites From 2016

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The Lake Clinic - Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

We had the priviledge of documenting the activities of the The Lake Clinic in December 2016. The thing that is most impressive about this NGO is the team. Everyone assumes equal responsibility to ensure that the necessary tasks are completed. The team is very compassionate and find ways to help families in need. They are very dedicated to the communities they serve. We encourage you to help support their good work.

The Lake Clinic is a project dedicated to bringing basic healthcare, as well as disease surveillance and proper medical referrals to a severely isolated and underserved region of Cambodia -- the Tonle Sap. The primary focus of TLC is to provide these isolated villagers with competent and consistent health care comparable to what can be found in a well managed health center. The Lake Clinic seeks to mitigate the detrimental impact of preventable illnesses through early diagnosis of disease; treatment on an out-patient basis; referral to a hospital (and assistance in transportation to the hospital) when necessary as well as health education. For up to date information about TLC and their activities you can also visit and “Like”, The Lake Clinic Cambodia, on Facebook.





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More Than a Horse Whisperer

In October 2016 we witnessed Joe Cunningham at Bay Breeze Farm on Vashon Island Washington teach his students to groom, saddle, and ride horses. He instructs his students how to be sensitive to their horses in order to develop mutual trusting relationships. Handling and communicating with these large animals boosts his students self-esteem and confidence. Joe teaches much more than horse riding. He teaches his students how to succeed. 

]]> (Bryan Watt Humanitarian Photographer) Bay Breeze Farm Joe Cunningham Vashon Island horse riding stable Fri, 30 Dec 2016 10:58:46 GMT
Floating Garden Project on Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia  

Tonle Sap Lake Cambodia, In December 2016, we documented the floating garden project sponsored by ICATCH through the Americal Academy of Pediatrics and managed by The Lake Clinic. Many children living in floating fishing villages are malnourished and stunted. The villages are nomadic and move to where fish can be found. They have no land. This project teaches families how to build floating gardens and provides them with supplies for their construction. The vegetables grown in these gardens should help improve the nutritional status of the children.

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We were robbed but didn't loose our data BackblazeBackblaze

A couple of years ago we were robbed on a crowded bus in Uganda. All that was taken was a computer and an Amazon Kindle ebook reader. Fortunately, we use online backup software. That evening we continued to work on the files that we had worked on that morning. All we needed to do was to download them from the online backup software website and continue to work on them. Loosing these files would have meant loosing several days work, and having to do the work second time would not have produced as good results. We backup on external disks, but not every day.

We have used several online backup vendors in the past and are now using Backblaze. Their software works well on Mac and Windows. The only caveat is that it takes a few hours to find new files unless you have it rescan the computer for new files. It only takes a couple of minutes to scan over 3TB of data so it's easy. This scan command is not on their menus, but available from their website. On the Mac click on the "Restore Options" menu while pressing the "Options" key.

The software works well on terrible internet connections and is able to slowly back up large files a portion at a time. Earlier this year we stayed at a hotel in China with 60 mbps upload speed so Backblaze took advange of this and transfered hundreds of gigabytes over a few days.

I also set up the computer at the Health Frontiers NGO office in Vientiane Laos with Backblaze. It works in the background without any intervention by the office staff.

Backblaze just sent me an offer "Invite a friend to Backblaze. They get a month free. When they buy, you get a month free"  Here is the link:  So if you buy, Health Frontiers will get one month free. They are a non-profit helping to train pediatricians so it's a good thing. Backblaze just sent me this link and it prompted me to share my experiences with you and most importantly save you from loosing your work.


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Chiedza Children's Center in Zimbabwe Ms. Olina from the Chiedza Children's Center connected with me on Facebook last week. We visited her project located in Harare, Zimbabwe. Every child has at least one parent dead from HIV/AIDS. Their staff is very dedicated to providing all they are able to these children. Their main focus is to get these children back into the school system with continued support to help them thrive. We encourage donors to consider this organization as one worthy of support. We are not a part of this organization, but we will be happy to answer your questions about our visit there in 2014. Their website was down last time I checked  Our contact person there is Olina Mashinge  I have more contact information if you need it. 


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HVO 2016 Photo Contest Judge


I am honored to have been selected as a judge for the HVO 2016 Photo Contest

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Vancouver Canada While in Vancouver Canada. I was able to share my photography as guest instructor on a Vancouver photowalk.


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Royal Visit to Bhutan His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf and Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden are welcomed to Bhutan by a Chibdral ceremonial procession performed in in their honor. I was given the opportunity to participate in this three-day visit as one of six accredited photographers. 

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf and Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden welcomed on State Visit to BhutanHis Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf and Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden are welcomed to Bhutan by a Chibdral ceremonial procession performed in in their honor.


Here is the photograph as a spread in the Expressen newspaper from Sweden

Spread in Expresses


This is my favorite photograph from their visit. A quiet and peaceful tea time with Her Majesty on a bench in the mountains above Thimphu, Bhutan.

Tea time with the queen on a bench in the mountains above Thimphu, Bhutan


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Ability Bhutan Society Documentary A new documentary about ABS has been developed by Bryan Watt. The documentary covers the issues and challenges faced by people with diverse abilities in Bhutan.

The documentary imparts the stories of hopes, dreams, and inspiration for everyone.

Watch it on YouTube

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Thank you to Airbnb Ability Bhutan Society

Thank you to Laura Z. from customer service at for all your help with our reservation in Canada. Thank you also for your generous donation of $100 USD towards our humanitarian work. We already passed along your donation to the Ability Bhutan Society They help disabled people from all over Bhutan.

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