We were fortunate enough to be able to help these two children. One was born with a cleft lip, and the other with club feet.


Mission Statement

Since teaching at Brooks Institute of Photography, my full-time goal for the previous 16 years has been to help those in need. I can’t do it myself, but I’m able to assist the organizations that are helping them. I can contribute with photographs that create a sense of purpose and cohesiveness, raise credibility, and share accomplishments and successes with donors. My photos focus on the feelings of people who are in need, creating emotional empathy and making it harder not to help them.

Since 2004, I helped those less fortunate by moving to a small village in the Lao PDR, building a school building, selecting and supporting scholarship students, assisting patients to access medical care locally, nationally, internationally, and sometimes attending funeral ceremonies. We provide ongoing support to this community.

Of course, I hope my photographs will raise worldwide social conscience, lead to international cooperation necessary to reduce existing inequities and produce a global humanitarian response to meet the needs of those people less fortunate. In actuality, I am pleased if my pictures can make one person’s life a little easier. It’s helping individuals that’s the most fulfilling and rewarding.

If I believe in your organization and cause, I would be willing to share your goals, working alongside you, documenting the experiences of your staff and the people they are helping.

Bryan and his wife Leila Srour, a pediatrician have been living in the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos) from 2002 to 2013. Now they are always on the road with no home base.



Bryan studied photography at Brooks Institute, where he graduated with a BA and MS on the honor roll, on the President's list.

Clients & publications

Humanitarian Photography clients and publications have included  Amade Foundation, American Anthropological Association Anthropology News, American Academy of Pediatrics, American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, American Lung Association, Balian's Outdoor and Nature Photography, BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems, Big Brother Mouse, British Medical Journal, Bwalo Street Children project Malawi, Care Australia, Chiedza Center Zimbabwe, Christian Alliance for Orphans, Columbia Union College Maryland, Direct Relief International, Euromoney, Facing Africa, Goleta Valley Voice, Handihams, Health Frontiers, Health in Harmony, Health Volunteers Overseas, HitchingsPharma - A division of GlaxoSmithKline, Interplast Australia, Research Institute on Contemporary Southeast Asia (IRASEC), Montecito Journal Newspaper, Peterson's Photographic Magazine, Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, Santa Barbara Independent Newspaper, Santa Barbara News-Press, SEE International, Silkworm Press, Society of Adolescent Health in Uganda, South East Asian Mountain Peoples' for Culture and Development, Special Olympics, The Humanity Initiative, The Lake Clinic Cambodia, The Royal Geographic Society, This Month in Santa Barbara Magazine, Tumaini Street Children Project Kenya, University Hospital Health System.


Press & Awards


PDN World in Focus Ultimate Travel Photography Competition SELECT WINNER 2015. Information on my blog page.


American Academy of Pediatrics Section on International Child Health Best Photo 2015 Information on my blog page.


The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) gave recognition to the humanitarian photography work that we are doing in the Lao PDR. They published a story titled "Bryan Watt" in their March 2005 issue of News Photographer Magazine. www.bryanwatt.com/nppa We hope the article continues to motivate and inspire readers to help the less fortunate in their communities. www.nppa.org


The Photo Imaging Education Association (PIEA) wrote a story titled "Making an Impact with Photography" about our efforts in Laos. It appeared in their Photo Imaging Newsletter Issue 1 March 2011. Downloaded from their website: www.pmai.org/piea


Former President Bill Clinton recognized our volunteer activities in the Lao PDR. The US Ambassador to Laos and members of the Lao Parliament have honored us with their visits.


Gallery Exhibitions

The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, the world's largest private holding of important original documents and manuscripts hosted a solo exhibition of my Akha and Mlabri gelatin silver prints.

Grâce à la participation d'artistes internationaux, à l'image du photographe Bryan Watt, auteur des pho­tographies exposées, les événements organi sés par Vlh Season sont un premier pont culturel créé entre Akha et occidentaux.Au Centre culturel Mathis Exposition photographique Akha du mardi 29 mars au samedi 9 avril 2005 Paris France


Photographic exposition of my photographs of the Akha people of Thailand; Institut pour la Promotion des Arts Présente Declics Exposition Photographique 4-12 June 2005 Centre Culturel De Bois. Colombes


Visions of the Sacred online gallery

In ~2002, Bryan Watt has been selected as "one of the world's most talented photojournalists" and invited to contribute to a unique website that uses documentary photojournalism and the theme "the sacred" to raise money to feed the homeless men, women, and families who depend upon the Capuchin Soup Kitchen of Detroit for meals and Jefferson House, a residential recovery home for addicts. Online Gallery at www.visionsacred.org