We were robbed but didn't loose our data

December 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


A couple of years ago we were robbed on a crowded bus in Uganda. All that was taken was a computer and an Amazon Kindle ebook reader. Fortunately, we use online backup software. That evening we continued to work on the files that we had worked on that morning. All we needed to do was to download them from the online backup software website and continue to work on them. Loosing these files would have meant loosing several days work, and having to do the work second time would not have produced as good results. We backup on external disks, but not every day.

We have used several online backup vendors in the past and are now using Backblaze. Their software works well on Mac and Windows. The only caveat is that it takes a few hours to find new files unless you have it rescan the computer for new files. It only takes a couple of minutes to scan over 3TB of data so it's easy. This scan command is not on their menus, but available from their website. On the Mac click on the "Restore Options" menu while pressing the "Options" key.

The software works well on terrible internet connections and is able to slowly back up large files a portion at a time. Earlier this year we stayed at a hotel in China with 60 mbps upload speed so Backblaze took advange of this and transfered hundreds of gigabytes over a few days.

I also set up the computer at the Health Frontiers NGO office in Vientiane Laos with Backblaze. It works in the background without any intervention by the office staff.

Backblaze just sent me an offer "Invite a friend to Backblaze. They get a month free. When they buy, you get a month free"  Here is the link: https://secure.backblaze.com/r/01lwsl  So if you buy, Health Frontiers will get one month free. They are a non-profit helping to train pediatricians so it's a good thing. Backblaze just sent me this link and it prompted me to share my experiences with you and most importantly save you from loosing your work.



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