The Anim of the Thangthong Dewachen Nunnery Fine Art Photography Book

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Thimphu, Bhutan, August 2019] Upon a Himalayan hillside overlooking the city of Thimphu in the Kingdom of Bhutan, there exists a Buddhist Nunnery where a small group of nuns endures. The Anim pray for the benefit of all sentient beings and serve the pilgrims who come to pray with them. The Anim of the Thangthong Dewachen Nunnery fine art photography book has just been released to raise funds for the Nunnery.

The Anim invited Bryan Watt, Humanitarian Photographer, to accompany them inside their temple as they perform archaic rituals, analyze scripture, and learn Buddhist philosophy. I was encouraged to join the Anim in the rituals of Saga Dawa, the most auspicious day of the year. It is the day Lord Buddha was conceived, born, defeated evil, gained enlightenment, and attained Nirvana. The concluding day of the event culminates in the unfurling and raising of the Guru Thangtong Gyalpo’s Thongdrel. An immense and gorgeous tapestry that bestows blessings to those who merely view it. Pilgrims travel for many days to join the Anim in prayer and witness the Thongdrel.

As days pass and rituals progress, Bryan transforms from a photographer to a participant with a camera. In this book, each page depicts the Anim’s purpose, dedication, and devotion to serving others. Bryan honors the Anim for their kindness and generosity by presenting them with this book. May all the prayers contained in this book influence you to bestow benefits and help upon others.

Thank you to graphic artist and graphic designer Sabine Meyers for all her help, inspiration, and dedication to producing a beautiful design of this book.

Hardcover editions are available for sale at the Thangthong Dewachen Nunnery located in Zilukha above Thimphu. The book is available for purchase from Amazon  as a hardcover or Kindle edition.

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National Library & Archives of Bhutan

[Thimphu, Bhutan, October 2019] The Anim of the Thangthong Dewachen Nunnery book was cataloged into the National Library & Archives of Bhutan, Department of Culture. This library is the principal scriptural repository and research facility dedicated to preserving the literary, cultural, and religious heritage of Bhutan. Their scripture and document collection is a national treasure. Dr. Yonten Dargye, Director of the National Library, Chief Research Officer, and author, graciously accepted the book. He considers it to be of national interest, importance, and worthy of inclusion. Dr. Yonten stated it was the first book in the library featuring the nuns of Bhutan.

I am extremely honored that my photographic documentation of the Anim of the Thangthong Dewachen Nunnery in Bhutan is considered to be culturally significant and of national interest and significance. As part of the library collection, it will become a part of Bhutan's documentary heritage. I believe this work embodies and expresses my gratitude and appreciation to Rinpoche and the Anim for their kindness and generosity for sharing their world with me and allowing me to record their daily lives and rituals. Thank you, Dr. Yonten Dargye, and Mr. Yeshey Lhendup.



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